Our Mayfair style fills a wide range of applications for both commercial and residential projects. With its smooth top rail, Mayfair is a great option for an attractive steel ornamental fence around your poor or yard. Accessories such as top and bottom rings can be added to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Our Tacony style provides a pressed point top for the pickets that extend above the rail. For a beautiful finished appearance and added security, this style is a top choice with great value. It will leave the business and home owner feeling secure.

Our Academy style provides a traditional finish to commercial and industrial properties. With a flat top picket extending above the top rail, this style is the primary choice for all schools in the Philadelphia area.  It offers added security without the pointed top. Each picket top is closed to exclude moisture and ensures outside elements do not interfere with the integrity of this durable fence.

Our Finial style fence is the premier choice for a decorative ornamental design. This fence comes with either the Pennypack, Fairmount or Rhawnhurst finial to provide the customer with a variety of elegant options. Great for historic areas, it will provide that vintage look with a contemporary design.

Our Society Hill style offers a level of class above all else. This upscale fence gives the customer the option of a pressed point, flat top or finial picket surrounded with an arched picket.

Our Frankford style is the ideal choice for security and presence. The picket has a bend on the top with a pressed point to provide an anti-climb feature. This fence will deter all unwanted outside access and fully protect your commercial property.

Our Holmesburg is an expansion of our Frankford style for our security fencing. The candy cane style rolled picket top and secure 11 gauge rail delivers the security necessary for commercial and industrial properties.

  • Most of these styles come with a variety of picket options including ¾” and 1” pickets
  • Your choices run from #18 to #14 gauge depending on your budget and strength preferences
  • Every style of picket , every post size and even our heavy wall #11 gauge rails are made with G90 galvanized steel for superior rust prevention and coating adhesion.
  • Combined with our 5 step premium powder coated finish, we are able to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our coating.
  • All panels come fully assembled.
  • Westmoreland II truly is a maintenance free fence with a minimum of 2 to 3 times the strength and durability of ornamental aluminum fences and we manufacture right here in Philadelphia.
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