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Black chain link fence material is so popular that our on-site Powder Coating Company is running 3 shifts. Yes we have own powder coating company in house and we powder coat galvanized fencing wire and iron fencing for many of the chain link fence companies near Philadelphia. In fact we can paint your fence any color you want. Need a vinyl coated chain link fence material? We also install thousands of chain link fences of all heights and varieties ourselves. So, you can get your chain link fences installed by the experts. We support both commercial and residential customers. Fully equipped to tackle any size project.

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Chain Link Fence Parts for Sale

Need a specific part to remedy an existing chain link fence?  Let NF&I help you breathe life back into your current fence. You can choose to shop online or visit our retail store located at 8451 Hegerman Street in Philadelphia for all your chain link fencing parts. Here you will find all types of parts for sale throughout the store including, but not limited to: sleeves, caps, bands, closers, hinges, latches and so much more. Our on-site fencing experts can help you find what you are looking for to suit the needs of your specific project. Our stores are open to both contractors and DIY-ers alike!

Chain Link Application

Whether you’re looking for an effective fence around your private residence or an expansive barrier surrounding a large commercial property, a chain link is an effective and low-cost solution that requires little maintenance. Chain link can be used to fill gaps in barriers or as an entire system, and can even be used as a divider indoors to separate storage sections of warehouses or other applications.

Types and Varieties

Whatever your fencing needs, we can build the perfect fence for your property. We offer fencing in a range of weights (or gauges) and heights. We also can provide various types of coating to ensure that your fence not only protects your property but also lasts for years and blends well with the surrounding scenery.

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The chain link fence is the go-to choice of countless individuals and businesses in need of dependable, durable and strong protection, and we provide the highest-quality chain link fence in the northeast. View more fence images from our gallery.


Northeast Fence & Iron Works is the largest manufacturers and installers of Chain Link Fence in Philadelphia. Often referred as “cyclone fence”, chain link fence is one of the most popular types of fencing available. Due to its popularity, chain link fence costs are relatively low when compared to other residential fencing options. The smooth finish of the chain link fence will protect children and pets from harm, and at the same time present a low-maintenance perimeter that will keep intruders at bay.View more chain link fence images from our gallery.

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